Simple steps to create a custom Home Page with get oiling

You desire a beautiful custom home page and think it has to be easier than this. Frustration leads to in-action, in-action leads to a loss in opportunity. This process can be simple and we show you how!

Meet Simple Grace Collective


We, Sara + Janelle, knew first hand what an amazing tool GetOiling could be for our Young Living businesses, but we were frustrated with the time it took to create a beautiful and functional website. We both have large families, Farm + Ranch, as well as run our YL Gold Teams, so we couldn't be spending days + weeks on a about frustrating!! 

After a Zoom Call showing #teamyl inside our Member Vaults, we realized that others were stuck, overwhelmed, and maybe a little frustrated with the process of getting comfortable with GetOiling. We KNEW we had the skills to help!! Simple Grace Collective was born, our Simple Start to GetOiling course was made, and we continue to add so many tools for Team YL to utilize!

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